602 E. Washington St.

Corner of Washington St. and Maple St., SE of the Calhoun County Fairgrounds


By Appointment Only, please call 269-781-8544

About Capitol Hill School

This two-room schoolhouse served the city for 101 years, from 1860 to 1961. It was sold to the Marshall Historical Society to be used as a museum in 1968. Since that time, much restoration has been done: it has been re-roofed, tuck-pointed, its surface ground and seal coated, and the trim painted. The bell tower, inspired by a photo of the school before the turn of the century, was reproduced as closely to the original as possible.

In 1972 the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is also listed on the Historic American Building Survey.

Inside the school, one room has been set up as a 19th century classroom where visitors can write on slate boards and ring the school bell. The other classroom educates visitors on Marshall’s history as the originators of the public school system in America, the history of the school system in Marshall, and other interesting stories about Marshall’s past. The entry room houses children’s toys from yesteryear including a big-wheel bicycle and a doll that was carved with a pocket knife.